Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 6


To the pit please The Academy The Book of Honesty Gazer Bronus Center Crown of Protection Delanrey Dominus Dr. Owl Feral troll Fire elemental Fyrgen Master of the Shield of Valor Gralwart Illomo Some like it hot Library Louvnon Morlock Nilpont Pedestal Pedestal Pedestal Pedestal Ranthru Secret door Shenilor Shrine Sword of Great Accuracy Talking Door Warren the Spectre Sniff'n the incense Wine of Compassion Walls of fire

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This level is home to the mages who called themselves Seers of the Moonstone. But the former center of teaching and research has lost its sparkle. The academy and library are no longer used to strive for magical knowledge and power. However - you can complete your set of runes and talismans here. Here you will get some valued information about a mage called Tyball who is living a level below too.


  • Mages (Seers) (humans, friendly)
  • Slugs (hostile)
  • Bloodworms (hostile)
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)
  • Trolls (hostile)
  • Fire Elementals (hostile)
  • Rotworms (hostile)
  • a Spectre (friendly)
  • Ghouls (hostile)
  • a Golem (friendly)

Things you must do

  • Visit Dr. Owl. You have once freed his mute servant Murgo (Level 3). Dr. Owl will give you the direction to the Wine of Compassion, one of Sir Cabirus' Talismans, as a reward.
  • Deliver Bronus' book to his fellow mage Morlock. Morlock will give you a hint which guides to another talisman, the Book of Honesty. Don't look for a real hourglass or key. Look at your map instead. There is a room in the northwest in the shape of an hourglass. Open the scecret door in the south of this room and follow the way which lies behind it. Jump over the chasm and reach the key-shaped room. There you'll find the Book of Honesty.
  • Be brave and fight against the Golem who resides on the island surrounded by lava in the southwest. If you are tough enough he will give you Sir Cabirus' talisman, the Shield of Valor.
  • Talk to Fyrgen. The mage will instruct you in the use of incense. You need this knowledge to get the hard to find talisman Cup of Wonder. Also heed the hint of Louvnon in this matter. She will tell you about a legendary mantra which is now broken into three parts. This mantra would lead one to a powerful object now lost to history.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Gralwart. He will give you a hint how you can get the Vas stone, the most powerful rune there is. Go to the easternmost room. There is a wall with two banners, on each banner is an eye. Run through the wall between the banners and you will be teleported into the pit by magical means. At the bottom of the pit you'll find several emeralds and two buttons. Take four emeralds and jump over the ramps to the outmost border of the pit. There is a blue marble pedestal in each corner. Throw one emerald onto each of the four pedestals and return to the bottom of the pit. Push the gray button and the Vas rune will appear. Take the rune and press the orange button to leave the pit.
  • Get the book for Ranthru from the caves in the northeast. The mage will increase your casting skill as a reward.
  • Visit Nilpont. The mage knows much about the Golem who owns the Shield of Valor.
  • Talk to Illomo. He will tell you about his friend and fellow Seer Gurstang who has been missing since a few months. Illomo also will mention the Key of Truth and the evil wizard Tyball.
  • There is a talking door in the outermost southwest. The door will give away how to cast Sheet Lightning (Vas Ort Grav), another undocumented spell.
  • Cast Gate Travel (Vas Rel Por) or use an appropriate magical scroll (L5:I24, L6:I49..51)) instead. You will be teleported to a moonstone which lies in a hidden chamber in level 2 (L2:22 - press the map's rotate button to see this chamber on the second level 2 map). Kill the slugs, take the moonstone and leave the chamber via the secret exit in the southwest. From now on you are able to travel very fast. Just drop the moonstone in any region you want to visit later via the Gate Travel spell.

Things you can do

  • Dominus is willing to identify all of the talismans and other magical items for a small fee.
  • The mage Delanray will tell you about her candelabra which once was stolen by Zak. Don't waste your time and try to get back the candelabra. It isn't in the mad mans belongings any more.
  • Did you see the upset spectre named Warren in the southwest? This is a homage to Warren Spector, the producer of Ultima Underworld and many other Ultima games.


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