Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 5


Judy Anjor The final resting place of Sir Cabirus Door to mine dispatch chamber Mine Exit Eyesnack the musician Shanklick - leader of the ghouls Gargoyle tombs Hilt of Caliburn Dizzy Entrance of High State Chamber Judy Kneenible - Operator Lava - we need some good boots Marrowsuck the Tailor Teleport door control Arrgh - a ghost! Nolant,formerly Sir The Ring of Humility Way to the tombs Chant the mantra How dare you Whoa - it's Pac-Man

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This is the area of the ghouls - these former humans were turned into a new form of beings. No one knows exactly why this happened - there are those who say that the Abyss itself works to degrade the quality of a man's character, but who knows. There are also some mages living here.

You will meet your first lava stream here. This is a short one but in the deeper levels they will occur more frequently and cover larger areas. You should look for a suitable object which allows you to cross the lava streams intact and with best health.


  • Ghouls (Exiles) (former humans, friendly (most of them))
  • Mages (Seers) (humans, friendly)
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Skeletons (hostile)
  • Giant Rats (friendly (most of them))
  • Ghosts (hostile)
  • Bloodworms (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)

Things you must do

  • Recover the hilt of Caliburn from the tombs in the northeast. Bring it with the blade (level 3) to Shak (level 2). He will repair it for some gold. Caliburn is one of Sir Cabirus' eight talismans and an indestructible and excellent sword too. Keep an eye on it, you will need this item together with the other talismans at the end of the game.
  • Get another talisman, the Ring of Humility. The ring is hidden in a chamber in the northwest and must be revealed first. Just trigger the four levers in the right sequence. Derek the knight knows the lever combination. Heed his words "Be careful to stay out of the middle of the room"
  • Talk to Eyesnack. Be sure to have a flute in your belongings. Eyesnack will teach you the right tune to reveal another hidden object. You will learn more about this special item later.
  • Let Marrowsuck make fine and heat resistant boots. He needs the dragon scales (level 4, Sethar Strongarm) and some special thread (level 1, Navrey Night-Eyes). With these boots you are able to walk on lava.
  • Did you notice the sign "Tom Loves Judy" two levels above? Judy is a sad mage, shattered and brokenhearted. She has been waiting for the return of her lover Tom for ages. But Tom was pulled into the lava years ago and it seems this misery has driven the old lady crazy. She cannot even remember the features of Tom and asks you to get a picture of him. Remember Judy, she is a key player and you cannot win the game without her. You will be able to get a picture of Tom some levels below.

Things you should do

  • Do you remember the Runes which are carved into the wall near Ossikka's remains? "Ask Shanklick about crazy wizard" the inscription was. Shanklick is not only just another ghoul, in fact she is their leader and she knows something about Ariel's place of residence. So talk to her to learn more about the background of your quest.

Things you can do

  • Assist Anjor and recover Zanium from the mines. The mage needs a lot of this rare element to transform lesser metals into gold. First you must get access to the mines via the mine dispatch chamber. You'll get the code from Kneenibble - for ten fishes. Remember Oradinar's words about the pond full of fishes. He is also willing to lend a fishing rod. Collect at least 80 Zanium elements and leave the mines through the exit corridor. Anjor will trade these elements for an appropriate reward of gold. Offer this nugget to Goldthirst and he will give you a servicable jeweled axe of Additional Damage.
  • Loot Nolant's grave which is located in the southeast. You must defeat his dire ghost. Use the ghost's clammy key to get access to his tomb and to get back through the portcullis.


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