Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 2


Corby Take a bumpy ride Beware the Headless Entry to Mountainmen Brawnclan Mine monster Goldthirst Goldthirst's reward Hewstone Ironwit Storeroom Shak the Smith Supply Room At the Edge of the Treasue Room The Mine The Guardian - but not Big Red ;-)

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In this level you will meet the Mountainmen and even Sir Cabirus' scribe Corby.


  • A Human (friendly)
  • Mountainmen (friendly)
  • Gray Goblins (hostile)
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Skeletons (hostile)
  • Giant Rats (hostile)
  • Bloodworms (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)
  • Lurkers (hostile)
  • Slugs (hostile)
  • an Earth Golem (hostile)
  • a Gazer (hostile)

Things you must do

  • Kill the gazer in the mountainmen mine and earn the gem cutter of Great Coulness. Don't do this immediately when you have reached level 2 because the gazer is a tough opponent. It's better to explore the level first to gain some experience points. After you have increased your attack skills at the local shrine you are ready to face this awesome foe.
  • Talk to Goldthirst, king of the mountainmen. He will tell you about the gazer and will give you the gem cutter of Great Coulness after you have succeeded.
  • You will need the service of Shak to repair a special item but this will happen later.

Things you should do

  • Defeat the spider south of the center and get the red gem key (I3). This key will unlock all locked doors in level 2 and will also give you easy access to level 3.
  • Talk to Corby. He knows a lot about Sir Cabirus' artifacts.
  • Visit Shak in the southern part of the mines. He is able to repair your damaged weapons and to identify your items. He also has knowledge about two of Sir Cabirus' talismans.
  • There is a magic healing fountain in the northeast. Unfortunately there is a lurker too. If you fall through the dangerous privy of the gray goblins this is the area you will appear in. Maybe you will meet some of these well-traveled guys here, but be careful - their new home could have changed their alignment.
  • Visit the orb room in the northeast behind the portcullis. There are two rune stones here and a worn long sword which you will get after your victory against the guarding skeletons. Don't forget to peer into the orb. It will reveal a hidden area of this level which you will reach later.
  • Get a helpful full lantern and oil flasks for recharging it from the skeleton room (9). The lantern will spread much more light than a torch.

Things you can do

  • Find the blueprints for the crazy Mountainman engineer Ironwit. The reward is a flying potion. Don't leave the walls, dangerous headless are lurking in the deep. You need the 3 yellow gem key (I4) and Ironwit's flying potion (2) (the green one, you will get another as reward) to get access to his storeroom where the blueprints are.
  • Offer Goldthirst a gift of at least 5 gold coins and he will confide the password Deco Morono to you which will give you access to his treasure room. The treasures are in a chasm guarded by an earth golem. You must fly to leave this area. If you are not ready to jump into the chasm you should get the magic Scroll of Daylight (I9) at least.
  • Take a ride through the drain in the south of the mountainmen mine. But be aware this is a one way passage (21). You can't go back the same way. Don't forget to take the magic wand (I49) before you continue your bumpy ride. However, you will reach level 3 near a place (Ossikka's bones) you have to visit later anyway.


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