Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 7


Enter The Shadow Beast Ariel's cell Get the picture Bone key Cardon Fiery center Dantes Crown of Maze Navigation Fintor Griffle Guards Gurstang Imp with an important hint Kallistan Lava pit Maze navigation Medallion of Passage Naruto Beware of the reaper Secret door Shrine Smash door Smonden Spider traps Splinter keen Key to the lava pit Tombs Tyball Lava pit map

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What a horrible location. Have you noticed the lack of mana? This is the level of the wicked mage Tyball and you cannot cast spells here until you have freed the Abyss from this misguided fiend. Moreover this level is a great prison and you are limited in your freedom of movement. Be sure to have a good stock of food, potions and magic scrolls with you before you enter this area. By the way - you cannot solve this level without making a few trips down to level 8.


  • a Knight (friendly)
  • a Mountainman (friendly)
  • Mages (Seers) (humans,friendly (except one))
  • Outcasts (humans,friendly)
  • Gazers (hostile)
  • Reapers (hostile)
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)
  • Trolls (hostile)
  • Fire Elementals (hostile)
  • Goblins (hostile)
  • Bats (friendly)
  • Ghosts (hostile)
  • Lurkers (hostile)
  • a Shadow Beast (hostile)

Things you must do

  • Take a trip to the prison in the northwest but be sure to have some gold coins in your pockets before you visit this location. You'll be trapped in a single cell by a troll jailor and you must bribe him to open the portcullis to the main section. Just try to talk to the jailor as soon as you are trapped and offer some coins. After that you will reach many locked cells. Only for the last three cells with the massive doors does a key exist but you must defeat Tyball first to get this key. So smash the sturdy doors of the other cells with your fist and talk to all prisoners.
  • Visit the prisoner Dantes. He'll tell you about a escape route which he once dug. You must use this route - it is your only way to escape from the prison.
  • Get the crown of Maze Navigation. Use Dantes' escape route and follow the way to the east until you reach a chasm. Don't jump over the chasm, descend to the ground instead and search for a map which you will need later. Pick up the map and go further until the way ends by a small chasm to the east. Jump into the chasm,go south and try to reach the door in the eastern wall. The door is locked - you need the bone key - and guarded by a bunch of fire elementals. A good method to defeat them is to run like hell through the elementals, following the way up to its end in the east. Use the following caves for hiding - make several trips from there and try to eliminate the fire elementals one after the other. Some healing potions and Freeze Time scrolls could be very handy too. After your victory against the fire elementals go back to the door in the chasm and open it with the bone key or smash it with your fist. Take a short trip down to level 8 and reach a secret chamber in level 7 from there. Talk to the imp who will give you some hints about the crown of Maze Navigation. Take only the crown - your goal is to defeat Tyball and not to become rich ;-)
  • Use Dantes' escape route again. This time go another way, jump over the chasm and follow the way to the east. Here you will find a staircase leading to level 8. Descend to this level and collect some orb rock which you can use later to restore the magic for level 7. Use another staircase in the south to reach a hidden chamber in level 7. Behind a skull you'll find a key (TK) which will give you access to the lava pit in the southeast near the center.
  • Open the locked door in the southeast near the center with the TK key and enter the lava pit. Use the map you have found (I6) to avoid the traps and reach the ledge in the north. Open the door with the TK key and enter Tyball's maze. Use the crown of Maze Navigation to get through the maze with best health. As soon as you have reached Tyball's laboratory look for an orb on a pedestal in the center of the room. This orb drains the magic from every living creature of this level and transfers it to Tyball. Destroy the orb with the orb rock material you have found in level 8 to weaken Tyball's power. Defeat Tyball with your best weapon and listen to his last words. He will tell you about a terrible demon called Slasher of Veils. Don't forget to pick up the two keys (PK, IK) from his estates. Use the IK key to free Ariel.
  • After Tyball's death you must sleep. Tyball's brother Garamon will appear once more in your dreams. The restless ghost ask you to find his bones and bury them properly in his grave.
  • Go back to the prison and open the locked doors with Tyball's (IK) key.
  • Talk to Bolinard and get the picture of Tom.
  • Free the mountainman Smonden. He will tell you about the Key of Courage and hand over a key (WK) which will give you access to a staircase in the northwest. This staircase will lead you through the different levels to the Key of Courage.
  • Free Illomo's friend Gurstang. He will tell you about the Key of Truth and ask you to visit Illomo. He will also confide the password Folanae to you.
  • Heed the words and deeds of Bolinard, Smonden and Gurstang and earn the Tripartite Key.

Things you should do

  • Beware of the spider traps in the northwest. Maybe you'll be poisoned - a Cure Poison potion could save your life.
  • Talk to Naruto. The mage is a source of knowledge. He will tell you about a key (5) that would allow one to enter a secret place of some importance where one might find an item that allows the owner to get through Tyball's maze. Naruto also knows something about a mysterious orb which is draining the magic in this level.
  • Get the bone key (5). This key will give you access to a chamber which accommodates a magical item - the crown of Maze Navigation - which you need to get through Tyball's maze.
  • Talk to the mountainman Kallistan and tell him Goldthirst's password Deco Morono. Kallistan will give you a magic splinter which will open a way to the hidden tombs of this level. Be sure to have a rock hammer in your belongings. You'll need it to smash a large bolder which is blocking the way back. Examine the tombs carefully, there are many secret doors here. The confused mage Fintor has told you something about these doors.
  • Enter the northsouth corner of the tombs and get the mightiest sword of the Abyss - the excellent black sword of Great Accuracy. But be aware of the horrible Shadow Beast.

Things you can do

  • Talk to Cardon. Once he had managed to capture one of Tyballs' badges of passage, a medallion which served to identify Tyball's minions and give them the permission of passage this level. But he has lost the medallion in the mines in the south and you must first search for it in this dangerous area. However - sooner or later you must speak with the prisoners in the northwest and this is only possible if you are a prisoner yourself. But as soon as you break out from jail, the guarding goblins and trolls will act hostile and the medallion will be worthless.


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