Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Cup of Wonder


Cup of Wonder - hn Cup of Wonder - sa Cup of Wonder - in

Light a bit of incense with a burning torch (drop the block of incense over the torch). Inhale the incense smoke (left-click the burning incense). You'll get a vision of a cup. The cup has a two letter syllable engraved. Repeat this twice to get two further syllables.

The background of each cup shows the time of day. Sort the syllables in order of dawn, noon and dusk to get the mantra insahn.

Shrine Eyesnack

Chant the mantra insahn at a shrine and the shrine will tell you the direction from that shrine to the room of the cup. You can repeat this on each level and each shrine. You will reach the room with the cup in the northwest of level 3 (L3: (21)) at last. Unfortunately this place looks empty (hope you have killed the gazer already).

Remember Eyesnack's words. Me play "Mardin's Song of Wonder" lot of times. Said that you play it in the right place, wondrous thing happen. Eyesnack also taught you the right tune.

Cup of Wonder

So take your flute, play Mardin's Song of Wonder (3 5 4 2 3 7 8 7 5) and the Cup of Wonder will appear.



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