Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 3


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This is the home of the peaceful Lizardmen and a few human bandits. Here you will come across the first talisman. If this is your first visit you will return several times, even if you have explored every corner of this exciting location during your first stay.

... good that you are making headway but hurry. Learn as much as thou art able of the Talismans. Cabirus created them and thou shouldst collect them all. Talk to the inhabitants of the Abyss. Some are still civilized and can help. Final hope in this dream...   - Garamon in an Avatar's dream


  • Lizardmen (friendly)
  • a Human (friendly)
  • Bandits (human, hostile (most of them))
  • Headless (hostile)
  • Skeletons (hostile)
  • Giant Rats (hostile)
  • Bats (most hostile)
  • a Mongbat (hostile)
  • a Rotworm (hostile)
  • Bloodworms (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)
  • Lurkers (hostile)
  • a Gazer (hostile)
  • a Ghost (hostile)
  • Slugs (hostile)

Things you must do

  • Look for the blade of Sword Caliburn. You will get a hint about the location of this item from the book near Ossika's remains. The blade is in a hidden chamber under a pond in the southeast. Look for a vine-covered wall in this area and remove the vine to get access to a lever behind a secret door. Pull the lever to drain the pond.
  • There are more items you must pick up here but this will happen (and be told) later.
  • Talk to Sseetharee several times until he is willing to release his prisoner Murgo. Murgo will teach you the lizardmen language, don't set him free until you are familiar with the whole language.
  • Talk to Zak. He will tell you about his fears and you will need this knowledge later to get a special item.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Ishtass and look for Ossikka. You'll find his remains and some items (I20..24) in the southwest on a platform by a river. You will appear near this place if you took the bumpy ride from level 2. Bring back the scroll from Sir Cabirus to Ishtass. You will get some items (B5) including a Wis rune stone (be careful, this will be the only one in the entire game) as a reward.
  • Give a red gem to Iss'leek (any red gem will do it). Iss'leek will give you a new spell 'Ylem Por' which allows you to walk on water. You can use this spell to eliminate the lot of lurkers easily.
  • Heed the 'Ask Shanklick about crazy wizard' plaque at Ossikka's bones. You'll meet Shanklick in a deeper level.
  • Use the red lizard key (B4) to open all the locked doors in the red lizardmen area. The corresponding doors are marked with RL on the map.
  • Use the green lizard key (B6) to open all the locked doors in the green lizardmen area. The corresponding doors are marked with GL on the map.
  • Use the bandit key (B3) to get access to the thieves' storage rooms in the south. The corresponding doors are marked with BK on the map. The bandit in the western room owns a magical ring - an unblemished red ring of Resist Blows. You can trade and get this ring for a little gold.

Things you can do

  • There are two switches which will summon monsters. One is in the northeast at the end of a long hallway near a secret door (1). This switch will summon headless for a while. The other is in the northeast as well but closer to the center (5). This switch will summon giant rats. You can use this opportunity to gain some more experience points.
  • Not all of the bandits are hostile by all means. Try to be polite and they will change their alignment from upset over mellow to friendly. You can even talk to the head bandit and ask him for the blade of Caliburn (use What about ... "blade").


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