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Denis Loubet

Written by Sir Cabirus on Wed, Dec 21 2016

Sir Cabirus
Sir Cabirus

Denis Loubet created a fantastic picture for my homepage. It is a portrait of me in my role as Sir Cabirus. I wanted the picture in the style of the Ultima game manuals in black and white. Here are some words from Denis about the picture he made for me.

I don't know if I've ever done an actual portrait of someone in this style before, but I think this picture of Sir Cabirus turned out okay despite the challenges it presented.

First I had to determine the likely size in which it would be presented, and do a version suitable to that scale, in a much higher resolution. (Meaning the lines are all multiple pixels thick.) If I had chosen a high resolution and drawn the picture to that resolution, the lines would have all blended together and looked horrible when reduced to their final size.

I also had to realize that photo reference has it's place, but not to depend upon it. When I tried to do the portrait to the proportions of the photo reference, it never looked like the image of Sir Cabirus I had in my head. So after many fruitless hours of arguing with the photos, I finally set them aside and drew the image I had of him in my mind's eye, and voila, I had this picture emerge that I instantly recognized.

So there you go, I'm STILL learning my craft.


Dear Denis, it is far more than just okay - this picture is marvelous :-) I'm very satisfied with your excellent work. BTW - it was a big pleasure to met you this year in Austin on the property of Richard.

Now it was about time to create an article about this excellent artist, who gave the Ultima series an important facette. And here it is.