Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough - Interlude VII - Charles' Key


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You return to the castle and get a mysterious key from Charles. You may be able to complete the contents of your rune bag too.

Things you must do

  • Visit Nystul once again. He will magically treat the blackrock gems you have found in Talorus and the Scintillus. Academy. Return to the sewers and use the two gems on the larger gem as you have done before, with similar results. Step through the next newly accessible facet to visit the Pits of Carnage.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Miranda to inform her of the discoveries you made in the planes of Talorus and the Scintillus Academy. Miranda tells you that Charles has made some sort of discovery in the storerooms
  • Speak with Charles. He will give you a key which he found in an old storeroom. You asume that the key will unlock something into the castle. You remember the massive locked door in the southwest on level 3. What lies behind the door is the only place in the castle you haven't explored yet. You cannot unlock the door with the Open spell, because spells above the 4th Circle cannot be casted in Britannia, as Nystul told you once. So you decide to descend to level 3 and try the key. Luckily the key does fit and you are able to open the door. Behind the door a ramp leads down to a small pond. Behind the pond is a sturdy locked chest on a small plateau. Beware of the tough red ghost who guards this room. You can try to defeat the ghost or just sneak by. Open the chest with a picklock or smash it with your fist. You will find a Nox rune stone and another moonstone here.
  • You have two moonstones now. To use them, cast Gate Travel (Vas Rel Por) on one, and it teleports you to the other.
  • Visit the trainers of your choice and improve some skills.

Things you can do

  • Have a chat with Patterson. The mayor of the town of Britain has some peculiar thoughts.


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